Planet Comicon 2015!

We had a temendous amount of fun at Planet Comicon this year.  Aside from meeting a bunch of new people and seeing some amazing costumes we managed to sell out of our final copies of the initial concept print of Gears, Gadgets & Steam.


We also were able to catch up with some people we have been working with, including the extremely courteous and knowledgeable Kevin J Anderson. It was a great privilege to finally meet him in person.


Last, but certainly not least, we were able to spread the word about the upcoming release of the short film Jasmine, which we our proud to have played a part in it's creation, however small. Check out Jasmine and keep with release information here.


Thanks for the great memories!


Check out the photos here.

Check out what Harren Press is up to in our gallery. Everything from concept art to convention pictures can be found here.







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A Song of Betrayal

Weylin, once a Keeper and second to the queen, is disgraced by his new title – Outcast. One-hundred sixty-two years of lonely nights pass before he’s found by an old acquaintance. They embark on an adventure that takes them across the Vetr Sea, where tales of sea creatures come to life and pirates give chase. Along this journey, Weylin must decide where his allegiances lie as the political tides in Harren are shifting. Death follows Weylin, and unless he fights, it will be his own.

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