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A Song of Betrayal

Weylin, once a Keeper and second to the queen, is disgraced by his new title – Outcast. One-hundred sixty-two years of lonely nights pass before he’s found by an old acquaintance. They embark on an adventure that takes them across the Vetr Sea, where tales of sea creatures come to life and pirates give chase.


Along this journey, Weylin must decide where his allegiances lie as the political tides in Harren are shifting. Death follows Weylin, and unless he fights, it will be his own.

Chords of Charis: A Song Matron Story

In the lands of the Vetr, a young orphan girl, Charis, is hidden away from an enemy who will stop at nothing to see her blood decorate their knives. Little do they know, if she finds out her true identity, her wrath will echo for generations to come.

With her companions she fights to stay alive and discover her destiny. Join them as they seek truth, love, and eventually, revenge.

The Bone Sword: Cycle of Malik Book I


Deserter on the Run Malik emerges from the swamps of Plaiden seeking only shelter, food, and the time necessary to take the chill from his bones. But after a barroom brawl lands him in trouble with the local authorities, he flees to the mountains with two orphaned children who have the power to heal.

Pursued by the vicious Father Ivory and his Nightshades, Malik and his charges become the center of a grassroots movement that quickly blossoms into a full-fledged revolution. Their problems are compounded when news of their exploits draws the attention of Malik’s former Captain, a swordsman of legendary prowess who will not stop until Malik and his followers are dead.

As the final battle approaches, Malik must face both his inner demons and his former master in a duel that will determine the fate of the free people of Miscony.

The Dormancy of Harren

A collection of short stories that all take plce in a new universe known as Harren; where powerful changelings fight even more powerful magical beasts for supremacy.



Coming Soon!

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