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Death Awaits: A Scarlett Nightmare Vol I

Death Awaits. A fitting title, for that is what awaits you within its pages. Like a blanket sewn from severed flesh, it embraces you with the comfort of congealed blood. Exactly what you would expect from a volume bound in human skin. I remember the symphony of screams as I flayed my victims. My blades are still covered with their gore, but don't worry, I promise they will be clean enough for you to see your own blood decorating them.

In the meantime, why don’t you begin reading? I promise that death will be waiting for you when the last page is turned…

-Mr Empty

In Shambles: A Scarlett Nightmare Vol II

In Shambles … that was my life. I sat in a cell all day wondering what could have been. Thinking about it only made me feel worse. I was lost until someone left me this book about people just like me. People that made mistakes … people that tried to redeem themselves … people that failed. It helped me cope with the things I’ve done. It helped me find peace.

To those whose lives are In Shambles, crack open this book. See what it can do for you …

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